Differences In Tattoo Ink


Differences in tattoo inkSometimes people get a tattoo just to enjoy something beautiful on their skin, others may do it to remember a transition or special period in their lives. Whatever the reason might be, people are very fond of expressing themselves and their life ideas through the means of body art. Getting the perfect tattoo requires more than just finding the perfect design, you also need to be educated about the various equipments that are required for the process of tattooing so as to ensure long term satisfying results.  


In this article we discuss the differences in tattoo ink to help give you a better idea about it. Before you sign up for a tattoo, make sure you go through this article and learn about the different kinds of ink to help you get the desired tattoo effects.  




TATTOO INKSWithout a doubt, there are many high quality and low quality inks that are being used by tattoo artists. Look for tattoo artists that have a good reputation and fan base. Good quality inks would not contain toxic materials that can cause allergies. Also tattoos made with good quality inks are long lasting and have a better appeal. In short, good quality inks are safe and cause no harm to the body. 





Now, tattoo inks can be broken down into two groups. The first group has a similar base but different pigments making it easier to mix. The second group on the other hand contains different bases which help to produce bolder colors.                                                                               


Tattoo inks might be alcohol or water based.  


Different types of artists use different kinds of ink according to their preferences; therefore make sure you find an artist who makes use of tattoo inks that you are comfortable with. 


It is good to go for pure pigment group tattoos if you want a white tattoo.  


It is best to avoid ink that contains toxic metals such as Arsenic, Beryllium, Cobalt, Nickel, Selenium, Lead compounds and Antimony. These may cause harm to your body. 


Starbrite inks are a good option for all animal lovers as these inks do not contain any kind of animal products.  


Most ink companies do not divulge their ingredients but they have warnings if they contain any toxic metals or chemicals that can harm your sensitive skin. 


There are hypo-allergic inks but no hypo-allergic red ink available. Therefore if you have sensitive skin, refrain form using red or adding red color to your tattoo design. However your tattoo artist shall have to work with a very limited color palette.  


Therefore it is always wise to ask your artist about the inks being used so that you can know what you are getting yourself into. Safety always comes first, so when you are getting your first ever tattoo done; make sure not to compromise on any safety and quality issues. To ensure perfect results, make that extra effort to guarantee that everything is perfectly suited to meet your requirements.  


In conclusion, go ahead and select the right ink for your tattoo, the right ink type can work wonders for you and make your tattoo extra special.