Do Tattoos Fade

Do tattoos fadeDo tattoos fade? This is a common question asked by most people planning to get a tattoo done on their body. But in case you already have a tattoo then going through this article will give you a realistic view on tattoo fading and how you can avoid it.  

Tattoos are considered to be a mark on your body forever, but it is not entirely true. Yes, the mark is forever, but the color fades away with time. There are several reasons why tattoo color gradually starts fading away. While some reasons are avoidable to a certain extent, others are not. I know it isn’t a great thing to know that the tattoo which you have on your body might just fade with time. However, let’s not forget that there are certain steps you can take to stop this from happening and to keep the design intact for a very long period of time.  

Some avoidable reasons: 

The most common reason for tattoo fading is the Sun. if you like sun bathing and going to the beach during the day for swims then this may a potential reason for premature fading of your tattoo. No, I don’t mean that you avoid the beaches and the bright sunny days. All you need to do is apply a strong sun block cream on your body and especially on your tattoo. Strong sun rays tend to bleach your tattoo color; therefore you need to sufficiently protect your tattoo from the sun as far as possible and applying a sun block cream is the best way to go about it.  

Improper healing may be another cause of your premature tattoo fading. Once you get your tattoo done, you are aware of the fact that most of the work is done, however, remember that you still have an important aspect to take care of. The next step is to let your tattoo heal properly. Proper healing will help your tattoo retain its color for a longer period of time. Also remember, during the healing process you must strictly avoid going for swims, taking a shower is okay but refrain from baths, also avoiding spas and hot tubs may not be a bad idea.  

It is strictly advisable that you do not let thick scabs form on your tattoo design and also do not pick a scab. Picking a scab might spoil the color and affect the tattoo outline, thereby spoiling the perfect tattoo design.  

It is also highly advisable that you get your tattoo done from a professional tattoo artist and not an amateur one. As professionals are trained in what they do and are capable of providing better results. Skilled and experienced tattoo artists do their job in a very precise way which ensures good quality and service. They know exactly how a tattoo should be done so that the color and the design of the tattoo remain for a long period of time.    

In conclusion, the abovementioned were a few ways that can help you retain your tattoo color for a much longer period of time. This article is designed in a way so that you learn about the reasons that cause tattoos to fade and take appropriate measures to delay the fading of your tattoo as far as possible. Use this information to help your tattoo retain its perfect colors and design for years to come. Good luck!